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Sifu (4th Level Technician in Wing Tsun Kung Fu)

Sifu John Brusstar

Sifu John Brusstar stands as a distinguished figure at Everybody Martial Arts, holding the prestigious rank of a 4th Level Technician in Wing Tsun Kung Fu. With a rich journey spanning over 25 years in Wing Tsun, Sifu Brusstar brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching. His dedication to the art is evident not only in his personal practice but also in his commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

His accolades include several victories in Chi-sau tournaments, showcasing his skill and understanding of Wing Tsun's intricate techniques. Beyond his personal achievements, Sifu Brusstar is celebrated for his ability to train students successfully, guiding them to achieve their full potential. His passion for Wing Tsun and his dedication to his students make him a revered teacher at Everybody Martial Arts.

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