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Established in 2019 in Chandler, AZ, Everybody Martial Arts provides students of all ages the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals and gain valuable self-defense skills in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

We bridge the gap between tradition and modern Wing Chun training by incorporating time-tested methods like form training, solo drills, and partner drills. These techniques enhance body awareness and equip students with the confidence to navigate real-world self-defense situations.


Sifu John is the best! My highest recommendation for high level instruction . 
Apr 20, 2024
The Wing Tsun Kung Fu being taught here is authentic, well rounded and practical. Sifu John clearly has a passion for the art and fosters a...  Read more
Apr 16, 2024
Juan Valdez

Premier Martial Arts Training in Chandler

Master the Art of Self-Defense with Wing Chun at Everybody Martial Arts

Established in 2019, Everybody Martial Arts has become a leading provider of traditional Wing Chun instruction in Chandler, Arizona. We offer a welcoming environment for individuals and families seeking to learn this effective wing chun for ...

Empowering Lives Through Wing Tsun

At Everybody Martial Arts, we believe in the transformative power of Wing Tsun Kung Fu to enhance physical fitness, strength, and mental resilience. Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief that martial arts can bring significant benefits to everyone's lives, regardless of age or fitness level. With ...

Traditional Wing Tsun Training

Traditional Wing Tsun Training

Adult Classes

Adult Classes at Everybody Martial Arts offer a dynamic approach to self-defense, emphasizing Wing Tsun's practical techniques suitable …
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Youth Classes

Youth Classes at Everybody Martial Arts are specifically designed to give your child a head start in life through the discipline of Wing …
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Private Instruction

Private Instruction at Everybody Martial Arts is tailored to fit your unique needs and schedule, offering a more personalized approach to …
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