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Recommended by 18 people
Recommended by 18 people
Sifu John is the best! My highest recommendation for high level instruction . 
Apr 20, 2024
The Wing Tsun Kung Fu being taught here is authentic, well rounded and practical. Sifu John clearly has a passion for the art and fosters a...  Read more
Apr 16, 2024
Juan Valdez
Practical, legitimate and honest Wing Tsun! I've thoroughly enjoyed training hard with multiple skill levels in a respectful, positive and fun...  Read more
Apr 8, 2024
McBen L
Oct 22, 2021
Doug Prouty
I have the privilege of training under the guidance of Sifu John, and I'm greatly impressed by what I experienced. His dedication to teaching and...  Read more
Oct 17, 2021
Scotty Tilley
Kung Fu? More like, Kung FUN!! Sifu John is a wonderful instructor and person! His classes are always engaging and we learn something new every...  Read more
Aug 2, 2021
Charles Z

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